Agricultural Solar Installation

Southern Africa is well-positioned to benefit from the Agricultural solar energy boom because of high levels of solar irradiation.

Generating electricity on farm using solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology can be an important step towards increasing the resilience and sustainability of your business. Solar PV is scalable. Additional modules can easily be added to systems.

The benefits of using solar PV are numerous. Farms and agri-processing facilities require energy for operating pumps, lighting, and other equipment. When solar PV is used to provide some or all of those energy requirements, the cost savings can be very significant over time, leading to higher profitability.

After the Agricultural solar installation, the electricity costs per unit are lower than the rising costs from the grid and the cost of using petrol or diesel to run generators.


Is Agricultural Solar worth investing in?

Agriculture solar power has become a preferred method of energy supply and farmers are starting to invest in cost-saving and sustainable technology that is practical and environmentally friendly.  Solar power is used to generate electricity, pump and heat water to fulfil many useful functions throughout a farm.

Farming crops under solar panels, a process called agrivoltaics, can boost food production, water savings, and the efficiency of electricity production

Labor costs, access to water, weather and market conditions all vary every year. Solar panels for farm use can offset a significant portion of overall operating costs and create greater business predictability.

With our solar financing solutions, solar is a solid business decision with a rapid payback.

Agricultural Solar Installation South Africa
Final Solar Installation Phase on Ellamare Farm, North West

Grid Capital knows from experience how to make agriculture solar projects successful. We’ve worked with growers, processors, vineyards, cold storage facilities, packing operations, nurseries, and a wide range of other agriculture businesses.


We make solar system installations for farms simple. Grid Capital has systemized the way energy is delivered to the agriculture industry throughout South Africa.

What tasks suit solar Power on my premises?

A growing number of farms and agricultural businesses are looking to solar to power their daily operations. 

Solar PV arrays provide power whenever the sun is shining. Designed properly, solar PV systems can ensure a steady and reliable power supply, even on cloudy days.

Solar can be applied for pumping for a wide range of processes, most importantly for irrigation, refrigeration of agricultural products, aeration for aquacultures, but also for electric fencing, poultry lighting and pest control.  Solar PV is a viable means to use more sustainable energy and reduce costs in many different settings.

Additionally, solar energy is sustainable, and the equipment is low maintenance with minimal moving parts compared to diesel generators. Farmers can become highly self-sufficient in their farming and processing operations.

They no longer have to have their activities disrupted by load shedding and other faults involving the utility provider but can make use of solar power throughout the year.

What is the benefits of a Solar System?

Advantages of solar power for farming is that it allows farmers to save on constantly rising energy costs of running a farm, farmers also stop relying so heavily on depleting resources like fossil fuels, which is costly and harmful to the environment.


  • Reduced bills for mains electricity and diesel
  • Reduced connection and infrastructure costs when new power lines and poles can be avoided if fully replacing mains electricity
  • No noise, fumes or fueling runs if replacing diesel,
  • Scalable – additional panels can be added to increase output
  • Flexible – solar power can be integrated with mains electricity supply if desired
  • Low maintenance. Aside from tracking systems, traditional solar generators have no moving parts and are generally very reliable.
  • Protection from rising energy costs. Sunshine is free so generating energy on farm reduces exposure to rising electricity and diesel prices


Different Finance Solutions Available

Solar Energy Financing

Why pay upfront when you can finance your Solar system with no upfront costs over a term and use your electricity savings to pay for the system.  This can be done through a Rent to own or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement).


       Why a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)?

(Only applicable for Commercial / Industrial / Agricultural)

Our turnkey Solar Service provides peace of mind that the system on your roof is always maintained, monitored and performing at its optimum to provide the highest customer savings.

What is the Process involved for getting solar for my Farm?

We take over the lead for every step of your way to Energy Independence and provide you with a hassle-free Turnkey Experience.

Our dedicated and well-trained team will get you to your Engergy Independence in 6 steps.  


To give you a better idea about the process of getting a Solar System installed, detailed description of each step follows: 

Residential Solar installation Johannesburg

Client Consultation

Every client has a different requirement to his Solar System.  Our qualified engineers would love to visit you at your premises and get to know your exact requirements and the situation at your home/building.  Our consultants will discuss all possibilities with you and make sure that, should your requirements grow in future, your Solar System is ready to grow with you.

Design and Client Approval

After our initial consultation we will provide you with various options including detailed pricing structures.  This will enable you to make an educated decision about the best cost vs performance ratio for your Energy Independence.  All designs will clearly state what future upgrade possibilities your Solar System offers.  This ensures that you have a clear path ahead for your Independence.

Detailed Planning & Project Acceptance

As soon as you have decided which option of your Solar System is best for you, we will produce a detailed 3D drawing of how your Solar System is going to be installed and integrated in your Home. After approval of these plans, we will issue the final quotation for the project and are moving ahead with the installation.

Installation & Registration with Municipality

Our roof installers and electrical teams are fully qualified and specifically trained for the installation and commissioning of your Solar Equipment.  All of the PV Equipment we use is fully compliant with your Municipality.  This ensures that the application and registration process of your Solar System will be smooth sailing and successful.

Commissioning & Hand-over to Client

Our roof installers and electrical teams are fully qualified and specifically trained for the installation and commissioning of your Solar Equipment.  All of the PV Equipment we use is fully compliant with your Municipality.  This ensures that the application and registration process of your Solar System will be smooth sailing and successful.

Feedback & Remote Monitoring

All of our Solar Systems are equipped with Remote Monitoring and Control units.  Our remote monitoring is equipped with the most detailed reporting possibilities which enables us to act within days should a problem occur.  
You will also have access to the Remote Monitoring, so you can check on your System Health from anywhere in the world. We always strive to deliver outstanding services and Products to our clients.  It is very important to us to hear if there was anything we can improve on. 


Only the best technology brands are used with us to ensure quality and performance