Solar Financing Solutions

Grid Capital offers Solar Finance throughout South Africa.  All Businesses qualified through our vetting process are able to reduce their monthly Electricity Bill without any upfront Capital Investment.

With more power consumption comes a need for bigger installations, this might seem to be way over your budget.  This is where Grid Capital steps in.  We have several finance solutions are available when needed. 

Why pay upfront when you can finance your Solar system with no upfront costs over a term and use your electricity savings to pay for the system.  This can be done through the Rent to own or PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) option.

Two of our major 4 banks in South Africa offer mid-large-scale financing for solar assets quite easily.  But the bank interest rate might not make it worthwhile to invest in PV solar, in which case our Commercial Funding Supplier steps in.

Want to invest in Solar without the costs?

We have a number of options for purchasing Solar:

  • Purchase the system outright.

  • Finance the system – we can arrange finance for the system with varying levels of deposit and then spread the repayments whilst you save.

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) – one of the most popular ways for commercial systems to be funded. The system is installed on your roof with no capital outlay. You enter into an agreement to purchase the green energy at a discounted rate for a period of 20 years. The price is fixed and rises in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI). There are no ongoing costs as all maintenance is included and after 20 years the system is yours with to enjoy the benefit of FREE electricity for the life of the system.

If you would like more information on our financial services, please contact us today.

As long as you own your building or have a lease of more than 20 years, we could have the right solution for you.

How does a Power Purchase Agreement work?

The commercial funding provider purchase and own the asset (Solar System).  It will be fully funded, no up-front capital expenditure requirements.  They insure the infrastructure over the period of the contract and they maintain the infrastructure.  Real time monitoring is done to ensure that the client gets the full benefit.  Carport structures may be included on feasibility of the project.

The tariff charged to clients is lower than the client’s current council tariff, meaning that our clients benefit from energy savings from the first day.  Lower than council annual escalations are guaranteed. 

They effectively fund, insure, maintain and monitor the solar Infrastructure and provide our clients with the opportunity to purchase cheaper, cleaner energy from the solar installation.

Most of our clients fund their projects from 15 to 20 years but the funding provider offers a buyout option from year 5 onwards, where you have the option of purchasing the asset and take over the responsibilities associated with it.

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